APOEL Nicosia

The club was formed as POEL (Podosferikos Omilos Ellinon Lefkosias, Football Club of Greeks of Nicosia) on November 8, 1926. The club’s formation came about when a group of forty people, with a common vision, met and set the foundations for creating a football club that would represent the Greek residents of the capital and express their deep desire for Cyprus’ incorporation (enosis) into Greece. The meeting took place at a traditional confectionery and the first president of the club was Giorgos Poulias.

APOEL is the most successful football team in Cyprus, with incredible results especially in the last 15 years.. Since 2001, the club won 8 championships (2002, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015). The first big success of the club in European competitions came on season 2009–10, when the team reached the group stages of UEFA Champions League. Two years later, APOEL’s obtained its greatest success in European competitions: they qualified again for the UEFA Champions League,  reaching the last 16 as a group winner and defeating on penalties Olympique Lyonnais. Only the Spanish giants of Real Madrid prevented APOEL to reach the semi-finals.

Besides football, APOEL now cultivates other eight sports sections, including basketball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis, cycling, archery, swimming and bowling. These enroll hunders of athletes at both professional and grassroots level.