HAŠK Mladost

Founded in Zagreb in 1903 (under the name of Akademski Sport Club) the Croatian club was inspired by similar sport organizations from Western Europe, especially Great Britain. Almost all of the founders were involved in fencing and the first sport they promoted was football.

In 1990, with the democratic changes in Croatia, the association turned its name into “HAŠK Mladost of the University of Zagreb” (Hrvatski Akademski Sportski Klubovi Mladost ), receiving the approval the Rector of the University of Zagreb to use the name of the University.

Now, Hask Mladost is the largest academic sports society in Croatia, comprising 29 sport sections with more than 4,500 sport athletes.  The club was awarded by the City of Zagreb for 100 years of Continuity and service to the community, a special Award for outstanding service and contribution in developing Zagreb and Croatia as a cultural and sport center.

The sports clubs represented in HAŠK Mladost are: athletics, biathlon, grass hockey, judo, basketball, fencing, volleyball, swimming, rugby (male and female), synchronized swimming, skiing, cross-country skiing, skating, table tennis, shooting, chess, tennis, water polo (male and female), rowing, sailing, mini football, water skiing, weight lifting, jiu-jitsu, judo disabilities, rowing disabilities and handball disabilities.

At the last Olympic games Croatia took home 10 Olympic medals, 4 athletes from the HAŠK Mladost clubs contributed to this number: Sandra Perković (athlethics) Marin and Valent Sinković (rowing) brought home the gold and Luka Bukić (water polo) won a silver medal.