Società Sportiva Lazio Basket

Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica S.S. Lazio Basket represents Basketball in Società Sportiva Lazio, the oldest and largest multisport society in Italy, founded in Rome on January 9th 1900. S.S. Lazio Basket has been a major team in Italian national league’s history. It has been re-founded from scratch by the current President, Mr. Simone Santi, an Italian entrepreneur, whose family has been always playing an important role on the basketball scene in Italy. It is based in Rome and it is mainly focused on social activities. Through the initiative called “Progetto Colors”, S.S. Lazio Basket has offered to children of different nationalities living in disadvantaged areas of Italy (and first of all in Rome) the opportunity to learn a sport which, just like education, is one of the greatest equalizer of our time.

Until now, several hundreds of young players of about 30 different nationalities have had the opportunity to play basketball (for free) in different centers established by Progetto Colors in Italy. Further projects have been launched by S.S. Lazio Basket in Africa (in Mozambique). Basketball teams, for boys and girls of different ages, have been established in Zimpeto (a suburb of the capital city of Maputo), within a center which cares for orphans and street children. The female teams have rapidly reached very positive results (Mozambique boasts a long tradition in female basketball), and they have been enrolled in the official championships in Mozambique (with outstanding results. The under 12 team won the championship). A local branch of Lazio Basket –called Associação Desportiva Lazio Basket- has been established for this purpose. Currently 4 teams (3 girls and 1 boys’ teams) play basketball in Maputo thanks to Progetto Colors.