The Experts

In order to create a common platform of learning, with an adequate handbook and a specific programme, Sport MyWAY Clubs identify a group of experts in the fields of education and sport.

They are representing the core of the Project. In other words, the identification of common guidelines for our Multisport Trainers is being realised by our special expert team.

It is composed by both Coordinator Members – coming mainly from the leading partner HAŠK Mladost and the University of Zagreb – and by Full Membership Experts, from the partners organisations of the EMCA network.

Coordinator Members

Prof. Goran LEKO, Ph.D.
Dept. for Sport Kinesiology, Univ. of Zagreb
Dario NOVAK, Ph.D.
Dept. for General Kinesiology, Univ. of Zagreb
Prof. Renata BARIĆ, Ph.D.
Dept. of Sport Psychology, Univ. of Zagreb
Marijeta ČELIĆ
Karlovac Sport Union-secretary
Dr. Josip LUCIĆ, Ph.D. in Kinesiology
Representative of COMEX HAŠK Mladost
FIE/IWAS referee and instructor

Full Membership Experts

Flavia GUIDOTTI, Ph.D.
CONI Servizi
Alberto S. BICHI
FESI, Secretary General
Sport psychologist, Apoel Nicosia/Cyprus
Christiane WALLER
New Frame, sport psychology, Bayer 04 circle
HLG Grassroots Sports/ EMCA President / Levski
Federico EICHBERG, Ph.D.
EMCA Secretary General
Balint MATE'
International Project Manager, Ferencvárosi Torna Club